Ordering Process

Test Request Form

myPath Ordering Process

1 – Request a Specimen Collection & Transportation Kit Here

2 – Send tumor block or slides with a copy of the pathology report and the completed test request form to Myriad.

There will be instructions inside each test kit with how to place the chosen specimens (blocks or slides) and how to send the kit to Myriad. Following these instructions closely will avoid delays in the testing process.

3 – Once Myriad receives the sample and corresponding forms, you will receive the results of the myPath test in two weeks or less.

4 – You can receive results quicker (5-7 days) by signing up for a MyriadPro account. This will allow you to review reports online.

Submission of melanocytic lesions for myPath® Melanoma testing is simple.

The myPath Melanoma test is designed to be used as an adjunct to histopathology when the distinction between a benign nevus and a malignant melanoma cannot be made confidently by histopathology alone.

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Submission of Lesion For Testing

A dermatopathologist sends a tissue block or unstained slides with a completed myPath Melanoma Test Request Form to Myriad.

myPath Melanoma Testing

(5-7 Days)

myPath Melanoma testing is completed in approximately 5-7 days and provides a score as well as a classification of likely benign, likely malignant, or indeterminate.

Test Score Reported via ResultsNOW™

Test results are reported to the ordering physician via Myriad’s ResultsNOW™ online portal.

Physician's Diagnosis

The physician reviews and interprets the myPath Melanoma results within the context of other clinical and histopathological information to render a final diagnosis.

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