Histopathology is the standard of care for the diagnosis of melanocytic lesions. The myPath® Melanoma test is designed to be used as an adjunct to histopathology when the distinction between a benign nevus and a malignant melanoma cannot be made confidently by histopathology alone.

myPath® Melanoma has been shown to:

  • Reduce indeterminate diagnoses
  • Increase diagnostic confidence
  • Personalize treatment recommendations

Increase in definitive diagnoses

After the myPath Melanoma score was reported to the dermatopathologist, survey results showed a 53% increase in definitive diagnoses (benign or malignant) for those patients who would have otherwise received an indeterminate diagnosis of their melanocytic lesion based on histopathology alone.8

The test has been shown to increase Diagnostic Confidence

The clinical utility of myPath Melanoma was demonstrated in a study of dermatopathologists prospectively submitting melanocytic lesions for testing.

Treatment recommendations were also revised in 49.1% of histopathologically ambiguous cases after the myPath Melanoma score was reported to the dermatopathologist.8 These revised treatment recommendations tended to align with the test result.

  • Benign results led to less invasive treatment recommendations
  • Malignant results led to more invasive treatment recommendations

This study shows that integration of myPath Melanoma into current pathology practice has the potential to enhance patient care and increase diagnostic confidence through more definitive diagnoses of melanocytic lesions and personalized medical treatment.

Ordering Process

Patient presents to Dermatologist

Dermatologist biopsies Melanocytic Lesion

Lesion sent to Dermatopathologist

Dermatopathologist uses histopathology to review the melanocytic lesion and determines if it is benign or malignant

If the melanocytic lesion is histopathologially ambiguous –
Dermatopathologist sends the lesion to Myriad for myPath Melanoma testing

Myriad myPath Melanoma Testing Kit

Dermatopathologist considers the myPath Melanoma test result together with all available clinical and histopathologic data to render a final diagnosis in the Pathology Report for the melanocytic lesion

Dermatologist receives Pathology Report with diagnosis and discusses treatment options with the patient

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